💄LORAC PRO palette review coming soon!!

Hey guys, so I used my new lorac pro palette for the first time today and so far I really love it but I plan to do a full review on it when I get more accustomed to it! I just wanted to share that I took a shower and these shadows are so pigmented they didn’t wash off like most of my shadows do (I used the UDPP antiaging to prep my eyelids but I usually use that anyways)!! I typically shower at night then remove any leftover makeup so I use less makeup remover, and usually I just have some smudged/smokey eyeliner or mascara residue.

So ya, keep ur eyes peeled I will try and do a full review sometime soon with possible looks.


QuickReview: DermStore Eyelash Curler

This is the first of a QuickReview series I’ll do, it’s a lot like a First Impressions type of thing. QuickReviews won’t contain as much detail as a full review and will contain only a few pictures.

Recently I ordered the LORAC Pro palette from blush.com because I had a 20% sitewide coupon from them for July 4th. As part of my purchase I received a free upgrade to 1-3day shipping with no minimum and a mystery gift along with 2 samples (some facial cleanser and sunscreen). Well, my mystery gift ended up being the DermStore Eyelash Curler ($12). Continue reading

What the heck is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is an irrational fear of vomit or the act of vomitting. It goes beyond the “I really don’t like vomiting” or gross factor behind it, as it is more of an ‘obsession’ with not wanting to vomit in my case. I can be doing fine one second and then another I feel intense anxiety come over me and I begin to think of the possibility that I might vomit, as unfortunately my anxiety causes nausea. I was officially diagnosed last summer, however, I have memories as early as preschool regarding the phobia. Personally, I have no issue with seeing or hearing the word vomit, however, occasionally sounds of retching or sight of it in film or TV bothers me. Burping as well bothers me (it sounds how it feels…yuck!). As a child I recall viewing those who reported a stomach bug or had vomited that day as contaminated and I would tell them not to talk to me for 24hrs.

I am not a hypochondriac or germophobe (although if it could potentially make me vomit I may exhibit similar behavior). I have panic attacks and currently take an SSRI to combat the OCD and dermatillomania (involuntary skin picking disorder) that I developed as unhealthy coping habits for my phobia.

Some of my posts on here might be tailored to living with this phobia and they will be under the tag “emet”.