Wisdom Teeth Woes

It’s been about two weeks since I got my wisdom teeth removed and it has been wild. You can learn a lot about yourself from the initial week of soft, luke-warm foods. I always thought as a child that eating ice cream for dinner or just mashed potatoes would be awesome, but let me tell you something…it gets old. I just want to eat a burger and some french fries but apparently, my lower right tooth decided to get an infection. How cute! More taters! 😦

I am on a second round of antibiotics and painkillers until I have my second follow-up Thursday but boy I wish I was normal because nothing sucks worse than mouth pain. My whole body is aching from all of my lovely chronic health issues that are tied to…you guessed it…stress.

My advice would be to follow your post-op instructions to the tee, but according to my surgeon who may or may not have been around since the ice age, some people just get infections or dry sockets no matter what. Unfortunately, my wisdom teeth were super impacted so one of them was more “extensive” which basically means he had to dig pretty deep to get it out. But, I mean things could be worse. My mom’s were impacted so bad that two were coming in horizontal, yes that’s right horizontal, not diagonal…she even had one that was coming in upside down!

Slowly but surely, I will get through this. Until then I am purchasing things for my dorm with what little money I have left from graduation and awaiting my AP scores.

p.s. soggy, cold ramen noodles aren’t soooo bad when you’re hungry and spaghetti with salsa is an interestingly good combo


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